Monday, March 17, 2014

Launching Fund Raiser!

Happy Day!   Bike week 2014 is history... will get back to the last week and add context today and tomorrow...   Meanwhile:

Last week I read about a program to raise funds for veterans and deployed military support.  Sending cards, care packages, aid programs to veterans.   I responded but later learned that they did not have very high reviews and could not document their gifting.   None the less, I like the idea of supporting the troops.

Since then I found several credible organizations who will accept donations for veterans.  These include the Wounded Warrier Projec

and Home For Our

If you know of other organizations that I could include in my project please send them along...   Will be setting up displays at rallies and camp events as I travel this year.

My initial goal is to contribute $1/mile for the distances that I travel this year.   That is currently projected to be about 30,000 miles.   And I have a lot of catching up to do.  
Details of the progress will be displayed on my blog for that topic: (website in progress 3/17/14)

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