Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is it Wednesday already?    Live at Angler's RV Campground just outside Cedar Key, FL.   Set up camp for ADV Rider Trans-Florida 2014 ride.  Details below.

Finally did the video from the last road day from Pensacola.  Was a beautiful drive with lots of blue water must feet away from the highway.

Campground is giving us group rate $10/bike and big space in back of camp.  Pavillion, fire pit, water, elect, showers, game room, wifi.  Look up Angler's RV Camp

Cliff from NC and Bruce (FL?) arrive today.  LB, OH is already camped nearby.  Planning a local ride tomorrow to get our balance tuned up... give or take rain.

Somehow my elect hotplate died an early death...   picked up a Geo Foreman sandwich grill...   does OK on things I can press in there but doesn't heat water worth a hoot...   built a fire for warm chili.  

Among the things on the agenda are to reunite my bike with the 3-day old knobbie that wintered in Asheville.  Also receiving a dual sport tire from Ian S for next distance travels.

Somewhere I missed a photo... more to follow.   Jeff

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