Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Saturday!   Weather looks good thru Monday to finish the travels.  Yesterday was cool but comfy.  Put 400+ miles between myself and Texas, crossing LA and AL, arriving FL about 5 PM.  Spent the last road evening in Days Inn, Pensacola.   Pretty place but p.i.a. on cheep stuff... $5 fee if key is not returned...   all these hotels run by east indians seem to be trying to treat the disposable plastic keys like they are $5 gold pieces...   They take one set, number them in felt tip pen and try to not have to understand how the electronic key system works.   Why don't they run things like a cell block and just do a lock-down every night at 2200 hours?    sheesh...

Back to the good day...  Lots of bridges today... some over rivers and a couple long ones over swamps.   Made for interesting views.   Many miles along the gulf.   

Took 10E right through downtown cities.  New Aweleans was stop and go for 20 miles into town and thru the downtown.  Saw the superdome.   yep... it's a dome, allright.

Truck traffic was hit/miss.   Wind was steady from Southeast.   MPG was under 45 all day with speeds running at 70 in the AM and then I picked it up to 80 for most of the afternoon.

Today Plan:  Get off Rt 10 and head down to the costal highway... take in some surf...   Will take an hour longer, but what the heck!

Actually getting an earlier start than previous...  Pizza hug dinner provided yummy breakfrast with coffee, so that's another pitstop that won't be needed...   Happy Day!

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