Thursday, March 13, 2014

Homing pigeon sensations?

The first time that I thought about this was about two years ago.  

Arrived in Cadiz, KY area at Land Between the Lakes resort for my father's memorial services...   Brother Kevin and I drove down with his tuck, towing the boat for traditional Kurtz fishing moments.

I stepped out of the vehicle about 7 AM and instantly knew I was in the mid-west where I was brought up...   Same heat.  Same air.  Smell of dry grass and a nearby lake.  The sensation of being "back home" was unreal.   
Had lived 50 miles north of there from 3rd grade until Sophomore year...  Everything I call upbringing was from there.

Last week I pulled into Florida, driving back from CA.   No sooner did I cross the state line than the trees and roads came into focus...   flat,  straight,  dry...   An immediate Florida connection...   These sensations are beyond Google Maps...  There must be a 6th sense that understands time and place. 

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