Saturday, October 6, 2012

Schuylkill County Bike Rescue

On the way back on a cruise to Tuscarora Lake St Park I came across a group of bikers with one in the ditch.

At the entrance to the downhill twisties south of Brandonville a girl on a Yanaha 650 locked up the rear wheel and highsided into the grass.  She was just getting up when I arrived and she walked away.  

I tole them that I could be back in 5 min with a trailer and could keep the bike at my place till she can recover it.

Pics at THIS LINK.<<<

 If you are ever in need of assistance in this area I have a bike trailer and will try to give you a hand.   570-401-4843    I am at the north end of Schuylkill County between Hazleton, Pottsville and Bloomsburg, PA.

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