Sunday, November 11, 2012

Install Booster Plug on BMW 650

How to install a booster plug on a 2012 BMW G650GS Sertao:

Here is a link to the slide show of photos:

This booter plug is a device that improves performance at lower RPM by adding ambient air temp to the computer data.   Who knows... it's a black box that works.

The device has two plugs and a temperatore sensor.  The plugs connect between the male and female connection on the botton of the air intake tube.   It is a bit easier to access if you use a #20 Torx screw driver to disconnect the intake from the air box.  While you are there you can clean/replace the air filter.

The sensor is to be mounted in clean air away from the heat of the engine.   In the photo I mounted it on the motor guard but the factory has suggested I insulate it from the metal frame so that it doesn't pick up any heat from the engine. Will add an insulating spacer.

The photos pretty much tell the story of how this goes:  Note:  I later moved the thermistor way up under the air box under the panel where the right side plastic faring(?) screws on.  Gets it away from engine heat.

I received this link from the factory in Denmark to installation guides for all BMW mortorcycles:

This is the new section:

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