Monday, February 18, 2013

The last couple weeks has been pretty drab in terms of bike-miles...   Local stuff, visiting friends, chasing daughter to horse shows.

Daytona 500 this weekend with my brother and daughter.  No bike time there...

There will be photos from Bike Week 2013 in Daytona Beach Florida on my website day by day as they become available.  Will start shooting in ernest on Sunday March 10th at the end of a two day cross state ride with .

During the week I will be around the city with a banner (I hope) that says shooting everything in sight!   

At the end of the week will be leaving for another two-day coast-to-coast ride with .   Both cruises travel from Daytona to Cedar Key along very different types of roads and routes.  I think registration is still open for both groups.

Meanwhile, watch for daily updates from Bike Week at Daytona Beach FL 2013 right here!

Rubber Side Down.

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