Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 travel plan, as of January

I truly believe, and he reminds me every week or so, that God gives us opportunities and lets us make them into what we choose... Just like the parable about 'talents'.  When my father passed away I took his gift and upgraded my photography (which he started me with at age 7) and bought a motorcycle.  The dealer asked me what type of bike was I interested in and I told him, "I have cousins in CA whom I haven't seen in 50 years, and I like dirt."

Here I sit, 18 months and 25,000 miles later in California having seen those three cousins, about to see two uncles, and cuz Barbie just reminded me that she is on the tour map that I posted yesterday.  I'm about to replace my third set of tires, having "pounded sand" in most states along the way... Life is good... Thank you God.

This past week the year ahead came into very sharp focus.  I updated my resume to many locations and received the following offers... not having a second thought to any of them.

Google maps says 11,000 miles.  Routes unplanned.  Does not include other ADV and BMW rallies to be added along the way.

February:  Un-scheduled travel to Modesto, Cupertino (uncles Fred and Ken), Gulfport (daughter Mackenzie) and on to Daytona for Bike Week early March.  Route unplanned.

March:  Daytona Bike Week, CADS (ADV) Cross Fl Ride 3/7, Dixie Dual Sport Everglades Adventure Ride, March Moto Madness (Telico Plains, TN) and other to be announced.

April: Osceola National Forest (FL) Camp Host and into the sand.
4/4-5  Slay the Dragon Rally, Robbinsville, NC

May:  Little Grassy Lake Campground, (IL and where I grew up) Camp host and general gopher.
5/2-4 GA North Mountain BMW Rally, Hiwasassee GA
         5/29 BMW RA Rally, Barber Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, AL
5/16 - 18 SLAP Rally, Ozark, AR

June: 6/3 Lake George, NY.  Speaker at Americade.  
         Home in PA for 24 hours.
         Balance of month - Stephen Foster History Center, White Springs FL.  Camp Host

          7/11 Dressage for Kids, Saugherties, NY  Announcer, (Year 5?)
          7/24 BMW MOA Rally, MN  Including Gypsy Tour competition
           Visit cousin Barbara in MN

August - unplanned.  Probably home to uncoup.

September:  Back to Stephen Foster Camp for Sept and Oct.

Detail to be updated as they develop.

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