Sunday, October 1, 2017

G650GS Sale or Trade

After considerable debate, mostly with myself, I decided to sell my 2012 BMW G650GS Sertao!

Will take $5,000 or will consider trading for a camper (best option) or a BMW road bike and forgo the Dusl Sport functionality which served me so well.

What will this bike do for you?  Point it up a gulch and roll on the throttle... It will take you to the top.  Hang on and steer with the pegs.

Sand?  Ask the Florida Cads peeps... roll on the throttle and lean back.  Last trip following the leader was 25 miles of 10" deep sand and we never missed a beat.

Bootlegger 1200?  Climbed every challenge... no prob.

BMW Performance Center?  Took on every obstacle.

GS Giant Events?  In Ashville I placed third for the Gypsy Tour.  'nuf said.

Lots of stories to share about the history of this bike, but that can follow.  Featured in magazines, won awards at ralleys, been across the country and back.  Time to let someone else enjoy this remarkable dual-sport bike and take on a more laid-back riding style.

All the details to be posted here presently.  Call for details and questions.  Lots of videos available, but most include my custom PVC canisters and hundreds of decals and stickers on my luggage (not included in the sale.)

Here's the link to bunch of current pics taken today:

The bike was in for service at every required increment through the 35,000 warranty period.  Since then I have done the oil changes (AMSOIL) and recently rebuilt the rear brake.  Here's the rundown of aftermarket items and what is missing or not functioning:

Aftermarket add-on's:

Handlebar riser
Center Stand (included but not currently installed)
Kuba Link (lowered the rear about 1.5")  DETAILS <<<
Booster Plug (increases low end HP about 5% DETAILS <<< "Best $150 I ever spent."   I installed it when the bike was under 1,000 miles and hardly ever killed the engine since.
Leo Vinci exhaust installed by EuroSport Ashville.  VIDEO <<<

H4 LED headlight from ADV Monster. <<<  HUGE improvement.  Installed at NEFL rally 2015.
Turturo Chain Oiler. Details <<<  From the UK but has a dealer in the US.  Only operates when bike is moving and hitting bumps.  Completely independent of bike electronics.  Read the details.
Oversized foot pegs.  e·quiv·a·lent to power steering when off road.
Flashing brake lights and a large multi-LED light below license plate. (Tractor Supply)
Turn indicator LED lights added in brush guards. (Tractor Supply)
Fuse block added for additional accessories.
DOT plugs wired at rear for additional turn indicators and brake lights which were mounted in my panniers and top box.

Items missing or failed:
Wind Screen (all my event stickers go with me)
Heated grips failed.  Could be switch issue.
Emergency flasher function failed.  Could be switch or flasher timer.
One rear turn indicator is missing the lens but flashes.
Tool compartment lock failed.  Drilled the lock and has a strap to hole it in place.
Seat release latch handle.  Came unhooked and vanished. Use your bare hand or pair of pliers.

This bike was not ridden insanely by a crazy person.  I'm 69 years old and bought it 5 years ago when I returned to motorcycle riding.  Loves sand!  I did the ADV and CADS trans Florida rides 5 times.  Worked for two months in the Mohave Desert (El Mirage Dry Lake, CA.)  Competed in the BNW Trophy Challenge in SC in 2013.  

More history on my blog at

Why selling?   My lifestyle had morphed into more casual and less opportunity to ride off-road.  As a result I have packed on about 25 pounds and gotten really out of shape.  I would like to find an older more classic style BMW to do road trips and camping.  My g/f doesn't ride so it's just going to be something that I enjoy on my own.  Open for ideas.  Cash is always an option.  

Also:  4 rear tires, one highway, others dual sport.

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