Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cameras - upgrade to 5D Mark IV

Happy day!  The refurbished camera arrived yesterday afternoon.   (yes, I searched... there aren't any new 5DMIV threads so I don't feel hesitant to start one...)   There's a ton to figure out so I'll keep expanding this paragraph as I go.  Will copy it to my blog so there's something for searchers to find.

I had already downloaded the 600 page operators manual and started reading... 

First impression:  Looks remarkably like my 7D.  Little bit lighter weight.  The primary control buttons are in the same places but a few are re-labeled.  "AF-Drive" became "Drive-AF" and a couple similar ones.  Some white labels became muted or blue (reasons to squint?).  the CA stop on the rotary dial is gone and there's a "lock" button in the center of the dial that prevents accidental rotation (nice addition!).   

1ST HUGE notable improvement.  The data transfer ports are upgraded to USB-III!  That, in itself, just paid for this camera... The older style port on my 7D (Mini-B) is what failed, leading to my making this purchase.  Remind me to purchase a spare cord... I'm famous for leaving cables in motel rooms.

Uses same battery as 7D!  That's a first.  I could operate a powerplant with all the obsolete camera batteries laying around here.

Two card slots.  One for a compact flash and one is a SD.  I haven't figured out how to configure them yet so I don't know if it's an automatic backup or other options.

Starting with the Menu screen, the 5D looked simpler.  Fewer options on the front page.  BUT,,, the drill-downs are huge.   Will take quite a bit of exploring.  Thus far I found most of the settings that I usually tinker with. 

The Owners Manual is daunting.  Almost like the first day in PhotoShop.  I'm on page 149 and still in the AF topics.  All sorts of tracking and metering options.   Would have been handy shooting the air races last summer.

One side note:  I investigated the 5Ds briefly, because of the 50M resolution.  The factory people asked about my typical shoots and explained that the 50m data capture slowed the frame burst rate and might disappoint me shooting action sports and such.  Small price to pay when the 5D 30m is almost twice what I am used to.

OK... now back to the operators manual to see what else I don't know.  More as time permits. Feel free to ask questions or add suggestions.

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