Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dual Sport too tall?

I bought a BMW G650GS Sertao this spring.  The saddle spedc says 33.9" tall.   My inseam is 33.  For 3 months I struggled to support the bike when stopped and dropped it several times.   As soon as that verticle single-cylinder engine gets over center I am dealing with 500# that wants to find ground zero...

Remembering my dirt bike (trials) days I started tinkering.   Loostened the front fork mounts and dropped the bike about .5" in front.   (the saddle height will only drop half of the bar drop.)

Installed 1.375" handlebar lift kit.  Dropped fork that much more.


Bought new boots with taller sole and heel.  About .3785" mybe.   Installed Dr Scholls Construction cushion inserts.   Maybe .25 " more.

Backed off the rear suspension to minimum adjustment and tried to measure where things are.

I measure the new saddle height (unmounted) at 32.25"

Mounting the bike and trying to get a level measurement gave me a finished saddle height of 31.5" .   Much more managable!  Flatfooting is easy now.  That is 2.5" off the saddle height and about .5" added to length of leg with boots and inserts.

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