Friday, September 21, 2012


Well since you are so suspicious let me give you an example.
I was wearing my Hit Air Jp2, in Blue, which my girlfriend insisted I wear before I was allowed to ride again. This is because I had a "target fixation" event and flew 20 ft in 2007, long story, I survived.
So 5000 miles later I'm back on two wheels, I'm zipping around at the beginning of the 09 season and in heavy traffic I manuever up a country road. It seems there was a fair amount of gravel in the turn, which I never noticed until the bike dropped out in the middle of the turn.
The hitair JP2 has CE armor and Inflated as soon as I came off the seat. Even though it was a lowside the bike and I separated, I had it tethered about 1.3 ft from the seat frame on my Ninja. Let me tell you that thing worked! I slid on my back and the bike slid away from me. I got up and was fine except for sore knees from the impact with fairings. I am sure a regular leather jacket with armor would have helped, but my neck was locked in place and it was a serious grip so I go t no whiplash nor did my helmet hit! Airbag=much better to land on than bone and leather.
The cops and bystanders were very curious what was this life vest inflated around me, and I now am satisfied that this product would save a life, no doubt. This system is very smart, strong and effective. Insurance companies should offer discounts and the government ought to promote them. But as usual they are busy stealing our money instead.
Now you know, I need one in mesh for this summer though, the JP2 is solid and gets hot. Oh yeah, I replaced the cartridge and repacked it.
Mike from PA

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  1. I didn't mean to present my question as suspicious... I want o hear what people are thinking or the product so we can convey the details to other bikers.

    Thanks, Mike!