Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feet up Tuesday and Planning

Happy Tuesday!!   That day after Memorial Day when it's supposed to be the start of a week but I'm still in State Park la-la land...   Not a bad life.

Looking at the schedule... I can't get from announcing in NY to the BMW Rally in OR in three days...   That would be 3 12+ hour days with no chance of managing a detour or weather...   maybe next year.

Am definitely enjoying no TV, no radio, no social drama...   fixing spanish rice with onions and refried  beand on an open fire this morning.   So calm...    

I brought back three buckets of hot coals from fire pits yesterday.   Added fresh wood for a nice
fire last night... just sat there enjoying the quiet.   Stirred it up and started again for breakfast.  

The campgrounds are pretty empty.  only two units where I can see them.   Lots of birds.  Constant sound of the creek behind the site where I am.   Traffic from the weekend is gone so the highway has only the occasional truck or motorcycle winding over the mountain.  Will have to do some of that myself today.   

Need to process more pics and videos.  Mail bills.   Plan more travels.

Enjoy the day!


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