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It is a rider's worst nightmare to have an accident whilst out on the road, and there is certainly no shortage of gear that can be purchased in order to prevent and reduce the risk of injury if a rider is unfortunate enough to have an accident.
With so many different makes and models, choosing the right gear can be difficult as there are so many factors to take into consideration.
Peter Humphrey was involved in an accident whilst wearing a Helite Airnest vest, a cover vest which inflates to protect the upper body on impact, and it recent proved to be worth its weight in gold as it prevented him from severe injuries during a crash.
Peter has been riding for about ten years, and after surviving a minor accident where another rider crashed into the rear of his bike a few years back, he had not been in an accident since, until earlier this year where he was unfortunate enough to be involved in a more serious accident.
Whilst travelling to a friend's house on a spring day in April this year, his bike, a BMW GS, suffered damage and his injuries could have been severe if it was not for the gear he was wearing.
After discovering Helite at a bike show, Peter was introduced to Airnest vest which can be worn over any motorbike jacket.
The vest inflates much like an airbag in a car, when a rider is involved in an accident. After a bit of contemplation Peter decided that he would purchase the vest for around £400, it was appealing and he thought it would be a good idea to invest in one and it looks as though he was right.
The crash
The Helite vest managed to save Peter from any major injuries as he came into contact with another vehicle near J5 on the M65, while travelling at 40mph.
Although he was travelling within the speed limit, after veering out slightly to look for an overtaking gap, he lost traction on his front wheel and clipped an unsuspecting oncoming car.
After the collision, the vest inflated supporting his upper body and as he hit the floor, the jacket stayed intact and in one piece.
Following his experience, Peter has claimed that the jacket "massively" contributing to him only having minor injuries, adding: "it may not be for everyone, but it's a good piece of kit."
Peter is yet to decide which bike he will purchase next, but it's good to hear that the accident has not put him off riding for good.
Needless to say he is glad that he invested in the Airnest vest and he mentions that riders would have to have a very good reason if they decided not to buy one.
When asked what the experience taught him, Peter added: "It has made me realise as time goes on, you get complacent about riding, thinking back to my accident it was my second decent ride after the winter, there was a bit of cockiness.
"It's very much a case of you never finish learning how to ride, keep looking out for your own mistakes."

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