Monday, December 8, 2014

Picture this... online studio.

Among other things I struggle with trying to be a photographer, a blogger, a motorcycle traveler/camper and have a life on the side...   not a simple task...

One really helpful resource is a website called .  Today the class that I am watching (on the third computer over there on the right) titled "Sell your First 1000 Books."     Not something that is on my agenda, as such, but the presenter (two 8-hour classroom sessions available live on-line) Tim Grahl is giving a great description on how to share an adventure as a writer...   but I can see it for a way to build my photo business AND a way to become a better writer and story teller.

Another class that is also being offered this week is about discovering your creative self...   thus far I only saw the outline, but it looks to have much guidance on enjoying, understanding and sharing life...   Maybe being house-bound for a few weeks will have an unexpected reward.

Let me take just a moment here to plug my photo website.

This month I am re-developing my photo site using  The prior site on was pretty but wasn't accomplishing anything.  This site looks to be easier to see more of my stuff and I can price things so people can be more likely to click and purchase prints.

In the interest of expanding the audience looking at my photos I also created a facebook page for PhotoKurtz also.  Today's speaker is advising to create multiple venues for people to find online to start building the audience and referrals.

Next on the agenda is to start building an email roster to connect with an audience on a regular basis.   I have been a Business Advisor, offering turnkey electronic newsletters for business owners across the nation.  Now I guess it's time to put that tool together for myself.   You can sign up for my soon-to-be-released weekly photo art newsletter at THIS LINK <<<


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OK... Enough for today... Other than to post and share a photo that I reworked for a friend.

Enjoy every day!


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