Sunday, May 17, 2015

MSF BRC1 and ERC in IL

Drat... two weeks just sailed by and I haven't posted anything...   Will have to get

back to editing pics from the ADV Rider Land Between the Lakes weekend.   This week was a 5-day morning class at Southern Illinois University with their Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider course.


had taken the course three years ago when I bought the BMW but now took it to make it easy to transfer my drivers license to IL from PA.  The course was free and only about 10 miles from home.

Long story short... the class went well, give or take a few rain drops.   8 of 11 riders finished the course and all who attended all five days passed.  My only demerits were 4 points for exceeding the stopping distance on the panic stop test.

Then yesterday I was able to take the Experienced Rider one-day course.   All the same tests but on my own bike.   Did well, specially in the slow crawl test and the figure 8 in the box test.   Having taken the Ride Like A Pro class this winter in FL was a big help in that regard.

There was a great variety in the bikes and riders attending.   Sport bikes , Harleys and two enduro/dual-sport bikes.  Pics to follow.

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