Friday, May 22, 2015

Ramps extended

Running up a birm or getting some air when cresting a ridge is one thing...  Loading the bike onto the toy hauler is something I really want to make simple... why take a chance of a spill with all the neighbors watching, and spoil a weekend adventure off-roading (where the fun belongs!)

I guess I should preface this by explaining that I (we) recently purchased a toy-hauler.  The object of this change in my travel habits is to get my non-rider friend Donna to the same destination as my bike and I.  Companionship has its benefits!

Video first time up the ramp...

 It's a 30' trailer which had an 18' camper section and an 8'x8' diamond plate deck in the front.  #4,500 empty and GVW at #9,500.  Google Forest River Wolfpack Cherokee.

 While at the ADV Rider Land Between the Lakes weekend I had a hane to give it a good first trip.  My 650 went on at home in the driveway...   Killed the engine but managed to get loaded without mishap.  Then unloading realized that the 30 degree ramp was even steeper in the uneven terrain of the campground.   The ramps that came with the rig are 6' and can be attached at either side of the trailer so I can ride on and ride off... no need to back down.

In the above image there is a BMW 1200 that had keyless ignition problems and we hauled to Memphis for David.  We had plenty of people to assist and also were able to borrow an 8' ramp from one of the other riders.   we used my 6' ramps on either side of the 8' ramp and pushed the bike right up into position.   I need to re-mount the tie-down brackets on the deck... they look like they are mounted with pop-rivets... jeesh.

Now, in the comfort of my garage, I have assembled two 12" tall ramp extensions that make the ramp angle less than 18 degrees, down from the original 30 degrees.  That should take the challenge out of the loading operation!

 Pictured at the right is the ramp in it's original configuration.  I have hooks that attach the top lip of the ramp to the trailer edge and need to rig a tie-strap to the truck to insure nothing shifts in the process.

Tips and suggestions welcome!  Travel safe this weekend.   Jeff

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