Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to find fuel stops

My recent transition to a diesel pick-up plus 30' toy hauler comes with some new challenges... A) How far to the next available diesel pump (at 7.5 mpg) and B) is the D pump in a spot I can maneuver to?  Ever try to drive a railroad train without tracks?  Whole new meaning to "wide right turns."

Here are two apps I have found... but they don't include traffic patterns:

IExitApp - Has much detail at what is to be found down the road.

We have been using Big Truck Stop app.  

Just like to go big? This fast and simple free app only has the big branded truck stops & nothing else to get in your way. Flying J, Pilot, Loves, Petro and TA Travel Centers truck stops all over the USA and all with their own clear icon on the map. No independents or smaller chains are in this app.  That's good and bad...   We drove past numerous exits that had actual truck stops not on this list.

This just came to mind... Have the navigator use Google Maps or Earth to view the fuel stops from overhead...

A friend just sent a note that Walmarts with Murphy Oil fuel are spacious and offer diesel.  See the RV Parky app for Walmarts along your route.

Have fun out there!

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