Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This just in:   We qualified for Ambassador status with RVillage!!  

Social networking for campers across the country.   Find recommended services, get together with friends, plan your trip!

I was just promoted to Ambassador at  RVillage, and I thought you'd be
interested too! RVillage.com is a social networking site built by RVers for
RVers. It allows you to find interesting people to meet right in your RV Park and the surrounding area, find all your friends on a map, plan or attend events - and it's free to sign up!

You can plan routes, find RVers, parks and vendors along the way, and share
your stories and photos, all in one place. There's even a "Groups"
section with hundreds of groups, including well known RV Clubs and special interests-
whether its crafting or kayaking, Coachmans or Casitas, there's a group
for it. Each group has it's own map of members, so you can see where
everyone is located around the country. It's really easy to find people
with similar interests, and you can meet them "online" or "in person."

If you've ever wanted to connect with neighbors in RV parks as you travel,
or you're looking for a few folks to have a BBQ with, or maybe you want
to know if another [insert interest here] is staying at an RV
park down the road- Here's your answer. It sure beats leaving
connections up to chance while walking the dog, or the random stranger
coming up asking “what type of engine is in that thing?” while you're
busy dumping the tanks!

RVillage has been really well received in the RV industry world.
Escapees, FMCA, WIT Club, Passport America and Workamper News have all wholeheartedly embraced the site along with many prominent bloggers. It's already gained over 24,000
members and is continuing to grow every day.

I know there's a million websites, networks and clubs out there, but I've never seen anything like RVillage. I hope you decide to join me!   

Check out www.RVillage.com... it's free!  Tell them KurtzInPA sent you.  


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