Friday, July 10, 2015

Setting out for WYO

Several things come to mind this morning...   did a tire change.  packing to leave,  weekend past with friends.   and this morning I am waking in the camper out by Crab Orchard Lake listening to rain and birds...  and feeling poetic...  Here's what I thought last evening as the storm approached.  I sat there into the raindrops musing...

  Fishing… Maybe fishing isn't about the fish.  Maybe fishing is to let us relax.  Just sitting here and watching the lake and look at reflections,  wait for sunset and when maybe it's a storm instead of a sunset,  dinner and watch the storm. I can hear it, down to the south of me. I'm looking west out across the inlet from the in the lake. There’s a heron out there on the shore. He's probably 3 feet into the water. Pacing yourself.  Waiting to grab can a few raindrops. They started to spackle across Lake. Truly quiet. Not a breath of air.  The trees are silhouetted against the what was supposed to be a sunset and now overcast.  In the West, bright grey. And off to the left, to the south, here it's a thunderous grey slow-moving cumulus booming. Sometimes… We'll see what the evening brings. Maybe this is why we fish...   the fish, calm.. the lake glazes over…. like it is takes a breather…   Thunder herds the clouds ahead.  urging them… thrusting.  and  at the same time gradually  over-powering the weather in it’s path.  a powerful feeling.  

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