Friday, July 10, 2015

Tire Change

Tire change... My least favorite moment...
#1...   My bike hates the center stand.  It's all I can do to get it up there, even with help.. and then it teeters...  last thing I need when wrenching.  Fortunately my canisters provide some support in these situations.
Break the bead...  lots of soap and water...  this part went well.   Then to add zip-ties.   This is on a youtube video so you can get all the tips.  Makes it less frustrating... just short of easy. 

 Compare the knobs...   The old guy is almost down to the surface.... not dangerous, but not helpful.  This new tread is a Heidenau Motocross.  Should work wonders off-road
 Yessssss... I checked the directional...

Before i remounted the wheel I took it to GrassRoots BMW to have them check the bearings.  I thought they were pretty tight... and after 20,000 they might be.  The pros looked at them and gave them the all clear for another round of dirt, so I'm comfy putting the wheel assembly back in place.  Now to ride!

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