Sunday, November 8, 2015

Installed the SuperDeck III

This was an intereting week.   Drove the truck to Hadley, PA and picked up my AmeriDeck SuperDeck III direct from the factory.  Their installer was away that day so I went door-to-door pitching the deck and looking for someone to lend a hand making the installation.

Over near Youngstorn, OH I was refered to two guys in an old Texaco station that took up my offer and let me do the install there.   While they finished a truck they were working on, I found shade in a carwash stall and managed to un-buncle the power cables and get a head start ont he wiring.  I ran the battery cables over the bulkhead and under the cab to the truck battery.  Bill at the garage mounted the 60amp breaker and made the connection to the positive terminal.  The other lead went to a ground and the deck was alive!

We pressed the "Down" button and the deck lifted off the truck and onto the pavement behind the truck.  We drilled two 1/2" holes through the deck where required and bolted the SuperDeck III in place.   Had we knows what we were doing in the first place we could have been done in less than an hour.

I no sooner started down the interstate toward home when I saw a Harley rider on the shoulder working on his 1973 bike.   Pulling over he explained that one cylinder had failed and now he's 20 miles from work and 20 miles from home.   We rolled the bike onto the deck and headed to his place.   Here's some footage fro the day:

I'm sure you gasped when the bike rolled away from the bulkhead...   Looks like more tie-downs are in order.  Good suggestion... add a strap around the front tire to anchor it to the bulkhead, first thing.

Also I picked up two heavy duty 'anchor points' to place in the center of the deck at the front and back.  That will make it easier to tie two bikes ini place beside each other.  My plans include adding extra tail lights and a caution flasher to be used while roadside...   The company can also sells wheel chocks but I'll shop for those online eventually.  A little anti-skid paint on the deck is certain to be a good idea for wet weather.

Give me a call if you need a lift or have questions about getting an AmeriDeck SuperDeck III for yourself!

Jeff    717-620-9676
AMeriDeck Dealer

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