Monday, November 30, 2015

Day II 2016 LaB2V challenge

This was the weekend of the annual AMA Dist. 37 LA to Barstow to Vegas (#LAB3V2016) EVENT!  OF THE 600+ riders, quite a few GS Giants (#gsgiants) took on the two day challenge of about 450 miles of desert and mountains.   The link. below, takes you to my facebook thread from day two.  What follows is an excerpt from the beginning of the day.

Pre dawn, somewhere... the rumble of snoring is is slowly muffled by groans, slurps of java and the klink of wrenches busting knuckles into the second day of the challenge. Welcome to Day-Two of the 2016 LA-B-!
Jeff Kurtz If you would... any Giants with trackers that we didn't have details for (which is most of you...) Please PM a link to me. Meanwhile I'm headed back to zzz-land to prepare for a grueling day behind the keyboard(s). Have fun for us!
Kyle L. Brandenburger Do they follow the same track (route) as last year?
Eric Hall Hard to say. Some tracks will be the same
Ian Schmeisser Due to environmental reasons, there's a general route but they do alternate from year to year. This used to be a huge *race* until the desert tortoise people made that not possible.
Jeff Kurtz
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Jeff Kurtz dunno. and they won't know until roll charts are passed out this morning.
Brian C. Englund Some same, some different. Red Rock Canyon is a staple.
Kyle L. Brandenburger So you have some advantage to doing it every year, besides the experience.
Eric Hall Hard to without my computer
Kyle L. Brandenburger Since it's "not a race" stop and give us some update photos and video as you go.
Jeff Kurtz
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Landon Norman Jeff Kurtz do you have my tracker link?
Jeff Kurtz Nope. Please send. Tnx
Jeff Kurtz I remeber GoodSquad... where do I find it?
Jeff Kurtz
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Kevin Moto Red Rock sets apart the men from the boys!

That is exactly where Landon Norman became my hero last year. ...See More

Brian C. Englund Crying now. Goddamned bad Mexican food!
Kevin Moto I know you're the king of excuses.... But really? That's weak!
Jeff Kurtz Let's not have a visual on that.
Kevin Moto Brian hopefully you packed properly!
Brian C. Englund Imma ride poopy drawers and rock it, just to spite Kevin Moto. You're not hard till you kill it in Red Rock with a load in your shorts!
Jeff Kurtz What bikes are you guys on? The audience is growing and needs to be edumacrafted.
Kyle L. Brandenburger Guess. Brian on F800 Kevin on HP2 and the rest on those little fussy orange things.
Kevin Moto Brian C. Englund Landon Norman there were no pics of beers being consumed at the Barstow finish last night. What happened?
Landon Norman Everyone pretty much crashed out, you weren't here to keep everyone going.

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