Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bowling - off topic

Yes, this is sotra out-of-the-blue... but I have started bowling as a pastime to share with my singifacent other.   And we enjoy it.  Three times each week.  Pretty much Sunday, Wedesday and Friday.  Friday is with a group which is a weekly gatherig, but not a league.

Being my techie-self, I'm getting into the stats and tracking everything that I can.  Every roll documented.  Where did I stand?  Where did I hit the arrows?  Where did the ball hit the pins?
My tally sheet (which I will post) I record everything.  

So today, about 10 weeks into our experience, we bowled at Southern Il Bowl and find that the lanes are bone dry... NO oil at all.   (Bowling alleys now groom lanes like golf courses groom the greens.  Daily oil is spread in an interesting pattern that coats the vinyl 'boards' to withstand the impact of th balls, and make the balls track in a more complicated pattern that the historic wood lanes.

We could insert  a book of dialog here, but let's just jump past that to say that the lanes had tremendous grip and the "hook" was unreal.

Anyway... adding bowling to our lifestyle is something we think is going to be portable and a way to meet more people as we travel...   We also have a bocce ball set for fair-weather days.

Nice to have variety!    Happy Trails!


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