Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Started working on my presentation outline for 2016. Will see you first at Americade in June, Lake George, NY.

2016 - Two-up and a toy hauler - Relationship Management Thursday 10AM - Friday at 1 PM

Full-time MC traveler meets non-rider g/f to take on the challenges of sharing the road(s).

The story of how we spent 15 weeks and 10,000 miles of 2015 sharing scenery, friends and much wine, while managing to evolve from six-wheels (one Toyota and one bike) to ten-wheels and combinations there-of.  To be discussed: traveling vs vacationing and vehicle management.

Jeff Kurtz retired into a life of full-time M/C touring, only to find that the missing relationship was only 53,000 miles ahead.  As a retired engineer (gadget-guy) turned photojournalist, he blogs at www.WhereDoesThatRoadGo.com and enjoys BMW dual-sporting where ever the gravel leads him.  This is his third year at Americade with new stories and his girlfriend in tow (figuratively speaking.)


To be continued.


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