Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just back from Dixie Dual Sport c-fl (Cross Florida) ride.   The day started with Ormond Beach Photo op, rode part of The Loop (see Daytona Bike Week) and then headed to The Kings Highway.  Brick road covered in deep sand.  Started out behind two guys on 1200's who were struggling and then tagged up with a guy who was rocketing down the right hand lane.  Decided that if I'm going to stand a chance I needed to get on the throttle and hold on.

I cranked it up, held on and prayed.   As long as I kept the speed up over 45 I did fine...   like slalom skiing on sand.   The mile of really deep stuff had a dozen bikes laying across the road when I arrived...   Had to paddle and drag almost the entire mile.  By the time I got thru there my clutch was slipping like crazy.

Riding in a group and not knowing where I was going meant staying up to speed and coping.   I managed to get the boot off of the clutch adjusting screw and back the cable off while I was driving.  What a hoot...

Here are shots from the day: link to album <<<

I really need to work on the pics to bring out the color...   digital is pretty weak.

Caesar and I had a nice ride in the morning fog.  I was home by 11.  hosed off the bike.  neighbor helped me get it  up on the sand and I cleaned/oiled  the chain.  rear tire looks like junk yard leftover. I gotta scrape up $ for tires and the Devils ride.

Shooting pics during an event is almost impossible.   When I'm trying to shoot good stuff each shot can take 15 minutes.   I am going to go back some morning when I can be out on 24 at dawn and capture the sun in the fog over those lagoons.  Maybe capture a couple waitresses also.  

I found my notes from Warren (the Canadian with Sertao) and he recommended the same tire.  Is that just the rear or both?   After looking at the physics of a street tire vs a knobbie trying to climb out of a sand rut, I was pretty insane to have been out there...   I'm pretty pleased at having driven that route.

Will be much more fun to drive without the pressure of a destination.

I called Mr Bob today and he was at some rock concert at a Daytona campground.  Will be fun to recap with him tomorrow.

Have a great week, and let's ride!

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