Friday, March 22, 2013

Recently I met Christophe Thevenot of the Helite Corporation who is the original manufacturer of the air vests which were private labeled for Point Two.  For various reasons the two companies have parted ways.  Helite will continue to manufacture the original design and is now marketing in the USA.

We were exited to learn that they have selected one of my photographs of my daughter Mackenzie Kurtz wearing the Helite air vest at the Ricking Horse Eventing trials in February.

I will be working with Helite to bring their products to the US market, both to equestrians and to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Helite offers the vest design which has become very popular with equestrians, and also stylish leather and textile jackets in several styles.

(note:   that's not me in the photo...)

Air Vests save lives!!  Please contact me if you would like details on air vest safety and use.


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