Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wed, March 20th.  Keyboard appears to be full of sand and allthekeys sticking.,.,ugh.

Canon elf camera had somuch dust in it from videoing the ride on dirt thatthe lens won't open. That went back to Best Buy for warranty repair.

   Drove to Cleermont for day with a friend and when driving home rear break locked up solid. Bike stopped in right lane  and and wouldn't budge.  Aguy helped me lift it to a parking space.  Once the brake cooled off I got it freed up but not working at all.  Called BMW Jax'ville and they can look at it on Thurs.  Tim (BMW MOAbuddy) Will put me up overnight while I sit out the repair.

Bike is at about 7800 miles so will do 6,000 mile service at same time.

Made reservations to camp atCedar Key on Friday and Saturday.  Will do photos and drive the half-day loop that I skipped last Saturday. Looking at camper to buy or lease. What a lovely little village!

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