Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2/18 AZ to NM

8 AM start, arrived Deming, AZ about 5 P.  Lovely ride.  Many curves.  Not too many towns.  Will post pics soon.   Tombstone was a landmark.  Bizby was restored copper mine town.  Lots of border patrol SUV's and a couple inspection points.  We went through one that was checking our lane on the final let up to Deming, NM.  Drug sniffing dogs and all...  The dude looked friendly.   asked, "Where were you born?"   I replid, "Waterloo, IA, Graduated Fr Leonard Wood, MO, 1971."   I passed.    More later.

To be discussed:
  • Traveling with a Passing Obsessed mc driver.
  • Talking to strangers and staying on schedule.
  • other as assigned.
Here's the TO-DATE map from Cupertino last Wednesday until this evening:

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