Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Exit Terlingua, interview Paul and Voni, out of gas and beyond.

Weekended in Terlingua and enjoyed every moment.    Sand, rivers, Big Bentd Natl Park and State Forest, Rio Grande, food, entertainment... all within a couple miles of the ghost town.

Will def come back here for winter this year.

Social centers are the Chili Pepper Cafe for breakfast/lunch.   Front Porch at the Ghost Town for happy hour and The Boat House for evening entertainment.

This guy is friend of Deb and Dan Dickie who has a CD up for a honkey tonk Grammy!   Great player and entertainer.

Preparing to leave...  Long story:  Road tire Conti was shot.  Lt Dan connected me to Ralph at CycleTek who had a Konte knobby that was overkill but the right size.   Bought that and then Roger checked his loft and had a Conti road tire with just a few miles on it.  We traded and some guys from IL (hosted by Jerry from CO) volunteered to do the tire install in the AM.  LINK TO PHOTO ALBUM <<<  Note the supervisors adding their recommendations.  

Heading north on 118 I was able to find and have morning tea with Payl and Voni Glaves.  Voni is a one-Million mile BMW rider and Paul has the one-Million Mile Mechanic award!   He may be the only one of those in existence...    They retired to this lovely valley in TX about 10 years ago and when they go for a ride "around the block" it's about 240 miles.    Their adobe home is quite eclectic and colorful, to say the least... 
 The bath is indoors, decorated with paintings and art from around the world.
   The shower is outdoors and truly unique!  Completely enclosed in wine bottle walls and a stone floor.   Years in the making!

Out of Gas...   no fun.   85 MPH my range dropped to 137 miles...   Langtry was 141 miles.   Thanks for a samaritan who hauled me to town and back.

View of the Pecos river just north of Langtry.   (before I ran out of gas...)

Rt 118 South of Alpine, TX.

Arriving after fuel stop, I took the one-mile side road to Langtry, TX.   Law west of the Pecos.   Pretty and untouches, this little town has a new museum and a feeling of wranglers and outlaws.  Def need to take this in...

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