Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Camping near Amistadt Lake and Judge Roy Bean (Langtry, TX) Holiday Travel RV Park

What a great place to find at the end of a road day.  Link to photo album <<<

I arrived after hours and Jimmy and his sister booked me right into a grassy tent site.   Beer, showers, fuel and food within walking distance.   Recommend highly!

BTW, bring your bass boat...   the lake is a beautiful blue over nearly white sands...   fishing is rumored to be challenging but the views of the Pecos River and the Rio Grande are lovely!

Tuesday woke to rain in the forecast.  Made it about 100 miles to Uvalde TX on wet roads and cooling temps.   Checking radar showed two days of rain ahead so checked in to Motel 6 for R&R and catching up on writing and pics.  

As long as I had to unload stuff I spread things out in the room and repacked.   A phone call from BMW in Walnut Creek offered me the 49 tooth rear sprocket (which they received to late to install when I was there) at wholesale + shipping.  I asked him to look up the load carrying capacity of my bike.   He found #400 as the rider/luggage limit.   That puts me (#175) with #225 for carry-on...   Even with all the canisters I have, and now a gallon fuel can, I'm under the limit!!  

Every time that I re-pack I move the items that never get touched to the left side panier (inconvenient to access) and move the heavy stuff to the side or front canisters.   Now to find a storage place for a 1.25 Gal gas can from Tractor Supply.   Lower is better.

More later.

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