Monday, September 15, 2014

Total PVC container storage system (TPVCC)

While I try to catch up on blogging... Will leave Thursday or Friday for a 10 day adventure ride.

Soon to be published photos will show my on-board storage system revised for dual-sport riding!   Totally PVC with no name brand paniers or top-box.  Only Martee tank bag and Wolfman duffel.

Recently I upgraded my tent to a Kelty Gunnison 3.2 and added a Kelty Cabana.   The cabana is a
larger enclosure, lighter weight and packs smaller.   This trip that's all that I will take.  It fits in the front left canister with room to spare.

The total volume of 5 canisters now is 1.533 cubic feet, (43.4 l!) with all but one container IN FRONT of the rear axle!  All of the storage is below the level of the seat for lower center of gravity.  This should travel well and improve tire life over everything being mounted on the rear of the bike.  The conventional BMW branded luggage can still be mounted in the original positions.

By constantly reviewing "is this item really necessary?" I have pruned away gadgets and tools that really aren't critical to travels.   Still I am carrying a hotplate, cameras, computer, extension cord and kitchen equipment... and a towel.   Will see how the next 10 days goes in the new configuration.

Travel safe!


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