Monday, September 15, 2014

Trail of Tears Rally, Southern Illiniois Area Riders Assn.

Going backward to update stories today...   Time is so fleeting...

Last weekend Donna and I traveled down to the Reynoldsville, IL area with the Southern Illinois Area BMW Riders club for the Trail of Tears Rally.

This has to have been the most laid-back group I have spent time with.   Great folks, now doubt about that.   Many new friends.

The Trail of Tears Campground was very cordial and helpful in facilitating the event.   Food was super and reasonably priced.  Wifi would have been nice, because phone signals were practically non-existent.   The riders from different areas gathered in separate 'compounds', each with it's own fire pit and story telling.

Saturday they led two rides to Grass Roots BMW in Cape Girardeau, MO.   The road ride git there first, and snarffed up the chili(!)  so by the time the 5 of us on the Dual Sport arrived (further delayed by a flat time 2 miles from the end zone...) we were down to popcorn...   Fortunately the coffee house down the street was in full swing and provided a great selection.  N.o wash outs or hazards to speak of.
Couple miles of pavement to another 7 mile forest service road with some lovely overlooks of the Mississippi and the valley west of there.  After the mountain roads we picked
up about 10 miles of levy roads heading south along the river to Rt 146 and the bridge to Cape G'.  That's where one of the guys picked up a nail and promptly hosted a tube repair demo.

Blessed with near perfect weather, we spent the afternoon at the dealership swapping stories and chatting with pedestrians.  Then back to camp for a great dinner and early turn in.   Donna and I had rented a room in the lodge and really enjoyed the complimentary breakfast, along with the hot shower!

Many thanks to the officers and friends from the SARA BMW group, and Grass Roots for the popcorn.  Will likely see many of the same folks at the Falling Leaf Rally next month in Petosi, MO.

Travel Safe, my friends!

Videos to be added soon...

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