Monday, September 15, 2014

Often Asked Questions...

Over the past couple weekends, mostly from Horizons Unlimited, people asked some questions about my resources, both riding and publishing.   Let me take a stab at posting things here.

What's a Spot Tracker and how do you save maps and tracks?
     - - The Spot tracking device costs about $90.  Annual subscription for live tracking is about $150.  Priceless.

Screen capture software:  Snagit from Tech Smith <<<

Favorite Video Editing Software, includes all the whistles and bells, titles, voice-overs and uploading to Youtube or Facebook. AVS Video Editor -   AVS4YOU from Tech Smith.  The free version leaves a corp logo on the screen during playback.   Full edition costs about $39/year ($59 unlimited)
Photo Editing Software:   Adobe PhotoShop CC.  $9.95/month

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