Monday, December 2, 2013

Arrived Canyon Creek RV Resort

The power plug for my tent site is 20 ft further away than my extension cord... ugh... and I don't have a lamp or space heater.   I was planning to go to town to buy one of each to use while here.

The other guy who does evening security has an alternate that I am not going to disclose.

Will still buy the items so I can get along if something messes up the plan.   

Laundry is running.   not bad price on the loads in the machines.   Wifi seems a bit spotty.

Got to Verizon online and having phone exchanged.   Will be nice to have a new phone... still not cheap even with their stupid insurance plan... Obama musta gotten to them.

Not a big deal with the phone... no service here.  Will try to use Skype.  Their wifi blocks some sites.  Will see what I can manage.    

Met a couple other camp volunteers.  All are really nice.

Winters is a spiffy little town.   Will find out where peeps go for breakfast and lunch and hang out there day time.   Should be interesting.

Have a good evening.


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