Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winters to Chico, CA

Happy Holidays from Chico, CA!   The last week has been train to Reno for Christmas with cousin and her family... and generally just hanging around Winters, Ca.   

Yesterday I relocated the bike and equipment to Chico to spend time with a new friend and see what's up this way for travels.   The roads north 90+ miles from Vacaville were flatter than anything I had seen yet in CA.  Will post a video later after editing,
  505N - 10E  (Woodland) - 113N - 99N.  The tar strips are about the tallest thing on the highway...   no hills at all...   as flat as FL roads.  This was a very comfortable drive on a quiet Friday afternoon.

Now to spend a few days going back thru phot and video files from the year and see what all hadn't even reached the cutting room yet.

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