Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just looked at the clock and it's 1:45 in the afternoon... I would have guessed it was almost 5...

Got up this morning to temps in 40's and overcast, but not windy.   Had a short shopping list that Ace Hardware would probably have... space heater and flood lamp.   $50 net... not bad for winterizing the tent.

On the way out of ace the guy beside me wanted to talk about dual sport bikes and lighting.  
He's on a 50 horse farm with his ex-eventer wife.   They board and mostly have dressage students.   He invited me to visit so we swapped contact info and I will head that way in a couple days.   

Then off to coffee at local 
crapoLA.... It's raining!!!   BRB

15 minutes later...  not raining... it's HAIL!   cripes...   Oh well... at least I am back from town and off the bike until breakfast tomorrow.  

Back to the story:   Went next to Steady Eddie's Coffee Bar for energy boost.

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Didn't even get seated and guy named Bill cornered me to swap Bultaco and trials bike stories.  He's Canadian, ex airforce, world traveler... and talks even more that I do!   The next guy thru the door (Larry from Napa)  was wearing a  moto style jacket so I invited him over...   3 hours later we had outlasted all the other customers and the lunch crowd was coming in...   We all agreed it was time to get on with out day so we broke from there.   Larry and I talked at the curb for another 30 minutes (at least) and he headed west on his Vstrom.   I expect we will tag up again to go for some rides.  He had lots of suggestions of places to ride.

Interesting comment from one of the customers sitting nearby.   She can tell the motorcycle travelers because out posture is so upright and vertical...   She told us the the other prime visitors to the place are bicyclers who can't get straightened up from their riding position.   

Last stop was True Value for black oil sunflower seeds for a bird feeder... found a pie tin that I will get busy and fashion into a tray feeder.    

More tomorrow... I need to get my camera unpacked and start shooting things!

Happy Day, Jeff

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