Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter on ice - a facebook conversation... For best results read from bottom to top.

Randy Owens
Randy Owens7:44am Dec 7
I rode and camped in my tent a few short years ago in Feb., TX in Van Horn and Marathon and it was 15 and 19 those two nights. Gsa1200 and thank goodness it was clear weather:). No ice. Cross country riding in Winter is a weather gamble! I still do it, but altering a route plan or sitting still a day plus is common. Happy Trails:).

There will be plenty of other Saturdays.  I am driving to the meeting.


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Jeff Kurtz
Jeff Kurtz7:14am Dec 7
I would like to thank my friend Bob Fallia for attempting to cross the country in freezing weather for reminding me that it's not the best idea. (He's safe but his Beemer is in a garage in TX while he is back in CA.

I was invited to River City BMW Riders breakfast today at 8:00, 25 miles away. Forecast last night was 36 deg but rain... I decided that was warm enough... Now I'm standing here at 7:00 AM looking at 32 on the thermometer and ice on the road... oh well...

Maybe will wait an hour and if it improves will try to make the 9:00 meeting...

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