Friday, May 23, 2014

Packing light, dumping ballast.

Getting ready to head to Atlanta/Birmingham/Saratoga/home/Florida...   Took several sessions over several days to pick out things that just aren't needed/duplicates/excess.

Taking to thrift store:  Table lamp, odd shirts, hats.
Pitching:  broken tripod, extra salad oil, odd containers, excess shampoo, worn out bungies/straps.
Shipping to home:  Big flashlight (forehead light is plenty and conserves batteries), computer keyboard, extra shirts, jeans, towel, papers, magazines, refrigerator magnets, back-up 35mm DSLR with lenses, 49 tooth sprocket.  There must be more than that because the box weighs a ton.  Extra duffle bag.
Dropping off along the way:  KNOBBIE <<< Looks impressive but have been called on the carpet for being a 'poser'.

Somewhere along the line all those extra pounds have taken their toll on things such as:  
Leaking rear shock
3 rear tires at 9,000 miles each
Front and rear brakes
TWO sets of rear bearings
Broken side-stand
MPG in the 40's when fully loaded.   Will see how well it does now.
THREE sets of chains and sprockets averaging 12,000 miles each

Let's chalk it up to being more professional and a more balanced/reasonable payload for safety and economy.   The appearance on-the-road will only change by removing the tire, but luggage will be more managable and everything about maneuvering will be more managable and responsive.

Travel safe this Memorial Day Weekend!    Jeff

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  1. A table lamp and a sprocket? Could you change a sprocket on the road if you had to? As for the 'poser' comment, I'd like to meet the person who called you that. As best as I can see, you're living the dream and there's probably about 1% of the riding population that could possibly call you out. Maybe you should show them the video of your pannier on fire. I'm betting that would change the direction of that conversation.