Thursday, May 15, 2014

Roadside Friend Alerts!

How often does it happen that we pull  up to a gas pump and someone waves, shares a smile or walks right over to see what we're riding?  My estimate is somewhere between A) every time and B) more than once per gas stop.

Last year I was on the way to Tellico Plains from Blairsville and a guy on a Harley was fueling up across from me.   We got talking and ended up  traveling together across the Cherohala Skyway and round tip on Tail of the Dragon.  He and his g/f were out for the day and shared overlooks and lunch with me...  Did I write down their name or contact info?   noooo... Drat.  I did get a photo if I can find that...  Sometimes things that happened last year stay in last year.

Eastern Ohio I team up with a guy on a Bergman 650 scooter and chase each other all the way to State college, PA.  Lost his name (shame on me) but he had started his travels in Waukeegan the day before I left Hanover Park.

Two weeks ago at March Moto Madness I refueled just outside of Geenback one evening and Simon from Vonore, TN came over to see the bike.  He's from England and has been in the area about 15 years... His fav bike is his Husaburg but I think he said he has three or more bikes.  His brother comes from England to visit and also rides.   Couple days later I am in line at the cash register (same store) and the guy in front of me is busy flirting the cashier...  and it's getting to be my turn...    Go figure... It's Simon again and we got back into discussions of local roads.  Andre (V-strom) was waiting for us out at the bikes and we went  from being straners to Simon to planning a return to Tellico Plains for a weekend ride on Simon's routes in July.

Bishop, CA.   November 26, 2013 I get up and prepare to leave M6 at 7:30, headed to Lake
Tahoe and isn' t there  guy sitting in a lawnchair beside my bike...   

to be continued.

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