Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ADV Riders Loose Nut 2014

I first heard of this ride while at the S.A.R.A. Trail of Tears Rally back in September.  Organized by Big Dog of the ADV Rider Forum, they have scouted out two 250 mile loops, each with a launch point at Fernne Clyffe State Park, Goreville, IL.

This is great country for small town, history back into the early 1800's and glacial shaped landscape.   Lots of state parks and the Shawnee National Forest.   When I was a boy scout we camped at most of the locations, then known as the Ozark Shawnee Trail.

 Yesterday I went down to see what things look like for camping.  Donna and I hiked back to the waterfall... Ankle deep in autumn leaves but not much in the way of water.
Will add notes as the weekend progresses.   People should begin showing up tomorrow, but most will arrive on Friday.   

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  1. I was there camping and riding all weekend and I also live in Carterville. Small world.