Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things that fall off...

Happened again on Saturday... and I just found out! We were driving back from Grassroots BMW and when arriving home Donna told me that she thought she saw something come off of the bike.  She said it was black like a piece of a tire.

This morning I went out to the garage to put my GoPro camera into the helmet enclosure and discovered that the enclosure had come unglued from the helmet!!   ARGHHH...   At least the camera wasn't in it.

You know,,, last night I was in the kitchen and said to myself, "That electric skillet is in an aqward position..."  Five minutes later I knocked it to the floor...

I have been telling myself, ever since my last came off of my glove strap, that this thin needs a lanyard.   I even cut a piece of monofilament to tie the camera enclosure to the helmet strap but "never got around to it."   Obvious problems need to get a higher priority in my life.

Before climbing out of bed today I was thinking back thru things that have come off my bike... and other people's stuff that I have watched leave to become road-kill trash.

My stuff:
Baseball cap & pair of gloves (on BMW Gypsy Tour 2013), high-viz vest (wrapped around the axle on the BRP), Canon elph camera ($175), PVC canister caps (6"! - One on FL Rt 75s near Ocala, one in front of Cliff Looseat some rally), Daytona Bike Week travel mug (Rt 10n, GA), food cooler (left with canister cap on Rt 441, Lake City FL), side stand (GA Rally), numerous bottles of Mt Dew and water (bungies don't cut it!), SPOT GPS Tracking device on Rt 411N Greenback, TN) and now GoGro Camera enclosure.

Other people's stuff:
Black leather M/C jacket off a Harley (I81N, Nanticoke, PA), Cliff's hand held camera in small town WV, Randy Owens socks (several days in a row), Cliff's (and Clayton's) top-boxes (I have video of Cliff's launch).

Stuff seen on facebook:  Front wheels, rear wheels.

Trust me... if it's bolted, glued, velcro'd or welded... it will STILL come off.  Back everything up with lanyards or safety chains.   And make sure the safety chain isn't going to reach as far as your spokes!!

Travel Safe(er)!

Feedback:  Dan Stys (GS Giant, CA):  Great article; I need to get on that.... lost two gloves, both right handed size large if you see them out there, a Motoboss Jacket that blew off as I was pushing a /5 off ramp to Gas Station (Death Valley Rendezvous aftermath), three hats which means I am running low on hats... anyway, strap it, tuck it, teather it, glue it, lock it; just don't stop it.

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