Sunday, November 17, 2013

Collecting comments about the BMW lifestyle and how we avoid accidents for hundreds of thousands of miles... knock wood!

  • Lance LeFort Sometimes it's best to roll your eyes and walk away. Life is short and you don't want to spend it talking like an actuarial to someone who has decided to listen to the " motorcycling is dangerous" crowd.
  • Jeff Payne Well CLEDUS has been in every state in the lower there is some good stuff.rode over 250000.miles and ride your on pace.and also all of what Kyle b said.stop and take pictures we will love them when we are old.

  • Kyle L. Brandenburger commented on your post in GS Giants.
    Kyle L. Brandenburger
    Kyle L. Brandenburger8:26am Nov 17
    I've never kept track of miles, besides off-road miles are like "dog years"!
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    Steve Smith
    Steve Smith8:17am Nov 17
    Been riding for 45 yrs. Over 200K BMW miles since 1995. Rear ended twice. Once while sitting still at a pay booth at a campground at bikeweek in Daytona (rear ended by a Harley rider) and once while in rush hour traffic in the HOV lane in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I was coming to a stop and was rear ended by a cage driver talking on his cell phone. No other BMW street bike accidents. I was wearing a high viz mesh jacket in accident two. Many of years of dual sport riding with only minor get offs. No injuries and no high viz.
    Brad A. Calbert
    Brad A. Calbert8:09am Nov 17
    I attribute a large measure of my safe riding habits to track time.
    Kyle L. Brandenburger
    Kyle L. Brandenburger6:59am Nov 17
    Being a good rider is just like being good at most things: The more times you do it, the better you get at doing it. The many miles of road, or trails teach you things which you will experience again in the future. I always say that I learn something on every ride. On the other side of this spectrum, it helps to know where your limits are and where your bike's limits are. Knowing the limits and testing them is a large part of the GS Giants! Once you know what you can do and what the bike is capable of doing with you on it there aren't a lot of scenarios that you haven't experienced. Time in the seat!!!
    Jeff Kurtz
    Jeff Kurtz6:40am Nov 17
    Good responses to all... looking forward to hearing from others. Travel safe!
    Mark Carrera
    Mark Carrera6:16am Nov 17
    Jeff, on a PR note (not belonging to the "biker-Set"...I usually listen for questions closely. If the audience is responsive to my replies, I add a little bit about our image VS the leather'd one's. I point out that when I am at a fuel or lunch stop, I experience positive interaction with the public and always get interesting questions. In contrast, I have observed the leather clad group either ignored completely or avoided all together. So, I describe our style as this, all terrain explorers.
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    Jeff Kurtz
    Jeff Kurtz10:53pm Nov 16
    How do we describe our lifestyle? I talk to people about our adventures and they have no idea. They are generic "motorcycles are dangerous" mind sets... Does anyone have stats on Hi-viz vs sleeveless t-shirt accident history? BMW miles traveled per incident? Comparison to the ;biker; set?

    This is a topic I want to explore in detail.

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