Monday, November 18, 2013

Helite Air Bag Motor-vehicle Vest information

Contact Helite here in the US and Canada for quick details and delivery.

My name is Jeff Kurtz and I am your contact for Helite Air Bag Motorvehicle Vests here in the US.  The differences between these vests and out equestrian vests are the design of the triggering lanyard attachment and the insertion of a Class II back brace in the motorcycle vests.  Otherwise they are exactaly the same vests.

Here is a link to more details about Helite Air Bag Vests: US Details <<<

Below, you will find links to the corporate websites which are based in France.  You can contact me directly or send an inquiry through the corporate website and it will be forwarded to me directly.

Most sizes are in stock at my location in PA.  Vests can be purchased via paypal or credit card and will be shipped by priority within 24 hours.

Helite is the original inventor of the unique lanyard triggered inflation system that has been is use world wide for over 12 years.   Until recently Helite was the manufacturer of the Point Two air vests as will be seen on the manufacturers label inside vests sold before January 2013.  No other vest manufacturer has a triggering system as reliable and functional in any direction of travel.

Many of my customers have seen me demonstrate the Helite Air Bag vests at BMW rallies and BMW Motorcycle Owners Association (MOA) meetings.  Some of these sessions have been posted online on YouTube and on my personal motorcycle travel blog

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