Friday, November 15, 2013

Riding fences in the Mohave Desert.

Started the day at dawn on photo assignment.  Transportation was the Sertao, and the ride was as nice as the photos.  You can see the photo assignment results better at

The thing at the left is called a 'dunnie.'   Veggie starts and nature creates a dune around it.  Mid-day the lighting is so FLAT that you can't hardly see these things... not fun unprepared at 45+mph.

This is called Feet-Up.   A common position when not on the bike.

This is called u-turn not properly balanced...   The footing is tricky...  when you are going in a straight line it seems solid.   Turn just a fraction and things dig in and wash out.   Gotta do u-turns way over the outside like a trials turn.

This is a fence.  Not something you will see on a GS Track.  They are best left alone or crossed with an end-run.

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