Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Adult Helite Airnest Equestrian Airbag Vest
is one of the Products of the Week for June 2013!

Airbag Vests - the Cutting Edge in Safety!! 

Helite Airnest Equestrian Airbag Vests are the newest, most cutting edge safety vests available for equestrians.  Over 25,000 vests have been sold in Europe over the past five years.
The Helite Airnest Vest protects the upper part of the body by absorbing shock and distributing the pressure of a fall. It also limits extra torsion movements because when the vest is inflated it makes the rider take a natural contracting position, while still enabling the rider to round his neck and roll as that is one of the best natural means to land and protect oneself.
It is quick and easy to connect the lanyard to the vehicle. . In the event of a fall causing inflation, the vest is completely re-usable, just replace the gas canister.   

The Helite Airnest Equestrian Airbag Vests is:

  • Reliable:  The vest inflates 100% in case of a fall, and yet has no history of unexpected inflations. 
  • Effective: The vest inflates very quickly and protects in less than 100 milliseconds after activation.
  • Reslient:  The vest is made of very strong  material and thread, in order to resist the high air pressure, as well as the added external pressure of a fall at high speeds and heights. 
Call me for details:   Jeff Kurtz -  570-401-4843

The Helite Airnest Equestrian Airbag Vest features:

  • CE certified airbag with 100 milisecond inflation time
  • KNOX CE certified semi-hard back protector
  • Inner textile 3D Air Mesh for comfort and ventilation
  • Free under the arms for freedom of movement
  • Discrete adjustable buckles to fit different jacket thicknesses
  • Easy, fast and strong fastening buckles

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