Thursday, July 31, 2014

Arrived back in PA last night. Long day but all good. Easy drive on interstates, about 650 miles. Ended the afternoon in rain for a few hours here in PA but was manageable. Now to take a day to decompress and assess the home life situation. Found a couple pipes had frozen. Not the end of the world. Can live from the garden hose until I get to the soldering torch. First thing I did was start a fire in the fireplace... turned refrigerator on. Slept in real bed. Life is good. Tomorrow I get back on the bike and refresh memories of local roads. Head up along the Catawissa Creek to Bloomsburg for coffee. Then take alt route back to include a couple covered bridges... Imersion day in the valleys of North East PA. I must say,,, the entire trip to home was filled with BMW riders and others at fuel and food stops. Heading the other way were Harley peeps heading to Sturgis. Such a feeling of a world in a parallel time zone to all others. We need our own media. Enjoy your travels, wherever they take you. And if you don't know where you are going, just enjoy the ride... the ride is the destination. Jeff

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