Thursday, July 3, 2014

Month at Stephen Foster.

So how do 30 days melt away in what seems like just a few hours???

With one day to go. (actually less than 24 hours) I finally stop over at Big Shoals state park and find another 20 or 30 miles of 2-track sand roads that need tire tracks engraved throughout...  In September I am bringing knobbies and doing this place right... That should be a REAL rainy season so the going will be great.

Ever try to dry clothes on the line when the humidity is 98%?  If there was an award for bug bites/night I'd be right up there in the top ten... jeesh...   Maybe I should do a photo album of just bug bites.  

Learned to mow lawns with a 6' span zero-radius turn turf machine...   mowing campsites with this gorilla is like trying to patrol your swimming pool with an aircraft carrier...   Don't EVEN think of putting it into reverse.   (Sorry about your puppy, ma'am...)

The nicest thing about the flat curve'less back roads around Florida is that there aren't any cars there...   It seems that everyone sticks to the super-slabs and leaves the enjoyment to those of us who don't have a schedule...   for that matter. I can make it from here (White Springs) to Jacksonville faster on Rt 100 with a couple small towns that the rockets zooming down 10 east.  Same for getting to Valdosta (GA) on 41 VS 75.  I have discovered that if I don't crack 70 MPH I can maintain 55 MPG.  

Reasons to visit Steven Foster Cultural Center and Campground (aka:  Steven Foster State Park)  White Springs, FL:
The bell tower doesn't start until 8:00 AM.
The mosquitos are only quarter pounders vs the big guys in MN. 
LOTS of two-track trails (mostly packed sand with occasional wet spots) that they aren't publicizing.  I'm coming back in Sept with knobbies!!!
Volunteers have access to unlimited firewood (important on evenings that the temperature falls below 95) and lemonade.
The Doller (local spelling) store sells wine, beer and froze food.
Fat Belly's has $3.95 breakfast.
Big Shoals and Little Shoals state parks have even more dirt trails... also not publicized.
There is almost nothing to do here except whistle Dixie (or Suwanee), fish and drink.

Back later with photos.


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