Monday, July 28, 2014

Hit the road with a mechanically sound bike and a clear mind!

Once your load is packed, walk around your bike and observe everything.  Loose straps, dangling gadgets, things laying loose on seat or handlebars, oil leaks, tire pressure, tracker turned on, phone charging, GPS set and operating, credit cards in pocket, coffee maker unplugged.

Notify your buddies that you are launch=minus=5 mins.

Drive around the block and hit the brakes a couple times.

Now...  Don't think back.  Forget your bills, last nights game, next month's deadline, etc.  Focus on launching and getting out of town where you can shift to crise mode.

You know every item is accounted for, so don't rething that phase. Anithing you may need is waiting at walmart.

The day=to=day world will wait until you are off the bike for lunch or the end of the day.

You have your chosen bike, chosen tires and a chosen plan for the day.

Go ride the hell out of them!


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