Sunday, July 27, 2014

BMW MOA Rally, 2014

Many Thanks to the riders and guests who attended my seminars on Live on 2-Wheels!

Thge 2014 BMW MOA Rally was really blessed with good weather and nice facilities.

You were a great audience and made my job of sharing entertaining experiences very easy.   In the next few days I will send emails to those who asked specific questions and requested copies of the newsletter.

If you would like to reach me my cell phone is 717-620-9676  or email to

Have a great ride back to your homes. and travel safe!

Jeff Kurtz

If you asked for me to email something to you, please email your request again.  I am missing a couple names that I know were given to me.

Watch for my comments also on the GS Giants Facebook page <<<

~~~~~~~~~~~  Sunday recovery day thoughts.

Stayed over with friend in Minetonks for a day or so.  Ran into a couple riding his/hers bmw's at Fat Nate's and shared pics and stories.

Refreshed my thoughts on the presentation and made notes on things I didn't have great answers to.  Will be updating with new paragraphs soon:

Packing. - to be developed.   Today I dumped out the tank bag and photoed before and after contents.   Prime fingertip real estate that needs to be reserved for items needed NOW while behind the bars.  Moved a bunch of stuff to more remote containers and secured the remainder in the pouches.   Did the same with the top box.   Among other things, since I moved from bungies to fiber straps for securing bags, I had 9 bungies laying in there, and a stainless steel side-stand plate... haven't used it in a year and it's not light.  Pitched a bunch and moved others to lower locations.

Pics to follow.

Will def go back to a good paragraph on storing belongings forward and lower on the bike...   and coping with abandoning surplus equipment (BACKUPS OF BACKUPS...   SPARE SHIRTS, 82 BALL POINT PENS...)

Enjoy your travels.   I head to PA tomorrow or maybe Tuesday.


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